Have you thought your photo which was taken by you, it was not looking good and the background of your photo is annoying you? Contact Image Solutions India today. We can help you to improve your photo quality and appearance through our Image Masking Services. We can also help to remove the background of your image or fixing suitable background to your image through our Digital Image Editing Services like Image Masking Services, Photo Clipping Path Services, Image Restoration Services, etc.

Acquire Professional touch to your images with our Professional Image Masking Service:

Basic Image Masking Services:

Our Basic Image Masking Service includes,

  • Background Replacement
  • Obtaining precise, clean and sharp edges
  • Background Removal
  • Selective Colorization by layer transparency
  • Creating Soft Transitions on Images
  • Refinement of edges

Image Masking Service creates the layer mask on the original image and delivers the same image with an original print. Our masking service covers removing/adding objects to your images, removing flaws or blemishes, adjusting color and contrast, color correction, retouching services etc.

Image masking

Complex Image Masking Services:

Complex Photo Masking Services we offer,

  • Alpha Channel Masking
  • Hair masking and Fur masking
  • Photoshop Transparency Masking
  • Translucent Image Masking
  • Photoshop College Masking

We have experienced graphic designers who provide manual image masking services to our customers from all over the world. We can convert your images into vector masking images by using our illustration wizards. Our graphic design team is always focused on delivering the best of image masking services, and they are well experienced in Adobe Photoshop CS3, and other latest software and their tools.

Different types in Masking:

  • Layer Masking
  • Pixel Masking
  • Channel Masking
  • Quick Mask
  • Vector Masking
  • Clipping Mask
  • Gradient Masking

The Similarities among the Photoshop Masking and Photo Clipping Path:

Mask out the Images is alluded as Image Masking where else, Clips out images by paths is named as Clipping Path. “Masks are Images; Clips are Paths”
The intention of Image Masking and Image Clipping is the same which is to hide something from the image and show off something on the without affecting the originality.

Both in Photoshop Masking and Photo Clipping Path, it is easy to remove, replace backgrounds with high quality. Utilizing the Image Masking and Photo Clipping, it is possible to make select the particular portion of an image to make some adjustments in it.
Masking images will protect the images from adjustments where else Clipping also did the same.

How do the Digital Image Masking Services differ from the Image Clipping Path Services?

It's regularly been befuddled between the utilization of Digital Image Masking and Image Clipping Path. These two administrations are both used to segregate any item from a whole picture, yet the procedure is very surprising to each other. Here we will talk about the utilization and the contrast between these two.

Both just befuddles a bit. In any case, Masking has some more propelled strategies alongside it while altering the pictures. In the event that Image Clipping Path is not suited for a picture in that circumstance Image Masking is utilized.

Preferences of our Perfect Photo Masking Services:

With our Advanced Image Masking Services, we proffer the forefront Masking Services by,

  • Removing Backgrounds with fuzzy Images
  • Attaining the fine edges of Jewelry Images
  • Allowing Masking for chiffon and muslin
  • Changing the colors of Models’ hairs, eyes, and costumes
  • Adjusting the colors for animals, trees, flowers and landscape images

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