What is actually an E-Learning?

E-Learning is any learning process that exploits electronics devices like computer devices, Personal digital assistant, and Mobile devices or utilizes a network (LAN, WAN or Internet) for distribution, communication, or facilitation. It can be concurrent or synchronous, asynchronous, adviser-led or computer-based or a sequence.

Develop your E-Learning Applications with our cutting-edge E-Learning Application Development Services:

In Image Solutions India, Our professionals have in-depth E-Learning domain expertise & provide custom E-Learning software solutions & E-learning software product or application development for both school room education & organization training.

We are providing e-learning applications to a wide range of media and technologies like internet, intranet, CD/DVD and we also put forward interactive tools like Flash applications, stimulation, Multimedia, Broadcasting, video/audio streaming, webinar and white board.

Our service helps you to successfully face the consistent challenge of delivering newer versions and together, condensing the cost of evolution, improvement, testing and preservation.

We bid an effective E-learning Application Development Services for various sectors,

  • Business e-learning
  • Government e-learning
  • Healthcare e-learning
  • School e-learning
  • University e-learning

We provide a best solution of developing your e-learning applications and our application development options and their tools can help you become buyers and buyers into referrals or criterion and business leads. Our focus is everything you need, we can offer through an online by using our e-learning Application Development Services at an affordable cost and fast turnaround time.

In our business e-learning service we serve to enterprises who are seeking to hand over their training work on graphic designing, software development, mobile learning and web designing as per our client requirements. With a huge number of experienced experts, we are making a record in this e-learning business service.

Effectively engage visitors with our E-Learning Application Development Services:

Health care e-learning includes the training for sales reps, drug development process and safety manufacturing practices.

School and university e-learning introduce a new dimension on education scheme. It seems to be a great solution for schools and colleges without teachers. In upcoming day school/university e-learning will definitely change the classroom teaching method.

We are providing the content or class notes for school and college students. Our team of experienced professors, lecturers and teachers will deliver an understandable way of teaching on each and every topic and also they are ready to give notes for that topic.

Create Stunning E-Learning Apps with our customized E-learning Apps Development Services:

We also offer Knowledge management portals and websites, Content migration, Narration and audio production, Learning support materials, Custom content e-learning development, Integrating Learning Management products with existing e-learning systems, Custom e-learning software development and design, Database integration between e-Learning and other systems. If you are interested to know more about our E-learning Applications Services contact us today itself.

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